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The formula and its dental benefits

950 ppm fast-acting fluoride (sodium monofluorophosphate) to prevent cavities.
Hydroxylapatite remineralises the teeth, seals open dentine channels and reduces pain sensitivity in exposed teeth necks. It’s amazing what this mineral can do, but it’s what 95 % of dentine is made of.
Glucose oxidase supports the natural enzymatic process that tackles harmful bacteria and stimulates saliva production, which in turn harmonises the oral flora.Glucose oxidase is a natural enzyme. It’s how bees protect their honey from germs.
Xylitol prevents the growth of cavity-causing bacteria,helping to prevent cavities. It is predominantly extracted from the birch tree and tastes like sugar but cavity-causing bacteria are completely uninterested in it. Xylitol even has antibacterial properties and strengthens dental enamel.
Echinacea, devil’s claw and pennywort soothe and regenerate mucous membranes and gums as well as reduce inflammation. They also support healing after treatments and operations.
Bitter orange extract directly tackles harmful bacteria.
Panthenol, provitamin B5, keeps the mucous membranes moist, supports the generation of new membrane cells,reduces inflammation and supports healing.
The low RDA of around 50 is gentle on enamel.
No SLS included. SLS is an aggressive foaming cleaning agent which can cause irritation of the mucas membrane.SLS can also often dry out the mouth and in turn create mouth ulcers.

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