Terms used in the rules

These Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”, prescribe the procedures for the use of the webpage www.ortopartneri.com hereinafter – Internet Store

1.1. Interneta veikals – Pārdevēja interneta veikals www.ortopartneri.com, kas reģistrēts pakalpojumus ceļš 7, Mārupe, LV-2167, Latvija un kura nodrošina Interneta veikals pieejamo saturu un sniedz saskaņā ar Lietošanas noteikumiem

1.2. Right of withdrawal: means the right of a Buyer (a natural person who, in the context of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, is a “consumer”) to withdraw from a Distance Agreement (an agreement, on the purchase of a Product entered into remotely between the Buyer and the Salesperson, on the online site) within 14 days of the date of receipt of the Product;

1.3. Contracting parties — Buyer and Salesperson, together;

1.4. Salesperson – Orto Partners, Reg. N ° 40003887060, registered office: Steele Road 7, Marupe, LV-2167, Latvia, telephone: +371 27240524;

1.5. Customer: a natural or legal person who orders an order in an Internet store via a website;

1.6. Goods: any goods placed on the website of the Internet shop in a manner that is visible to the Buyer and can be ordered and purchased by the Buyer;

1.7. Rules – these Terms of Use, their supplements, amendments published on the website.

1.8. Website: www.orthopartneri.com.

General provisions

2.1. If the user buys the goods offered by the Internet Shop, these Terms of Use shall be considered to be a legally binding document setting out the rights and obligations of the parties, in relation to the purchase, payment for the goods, and the conditions for the supply and return of the goods.

2.2. If the user buys items from an Internet store, it is considered that the User has met these Terms of Use and agrees with them. User’s agreement with the Terms of Use confirms that it has the right to register and purchase goods in an Internet store in www.ortopartneri.com

2.3. If the user tries to harm the functioning, stability, security or otherwise does not comply with these Terms of Use in any way, the Internet Store has the right to cancel User Registration or otherwise restrict User Access to the Internet Store

2.4. The Internet Store reserves the right to unilaterally amend and supplement the Terms of Use. When a user is shopping in an Internet shop, the Terms of Use applicable at the time of ordering the goods are applied, so the User should be familiar with the Terms of Use at each shopping time.

2.5. An Internet shop reserves the right to change the price of goods or to fix the special price for goods. Items are sold to the User at prices that are in effect when the item order is made.

Protection of personal data

3.1. Only Registered Users can shop. When you purchase the User must enter a name, item delivery address, phone numbers, e-mail. To log in to the site, you must provide an email and password for access to the site.

3.2. The user shall be fully responsible for the accuracy of the data specified in the registration form. If the user has provided inaccurate data in the form of registration, the Internet Store shall not be responsible for the incorrect data and the resulting consequences and shall be entitled to claim compensation for direct losses from the User.

3.3. When you register with the Internet Store, the User gets individual registration data (user name and password). The user is responsible for the security of his or her registration data. The user commits to storing and not transferring his or her registration data to third parties via the Internet Store. If a third party uses the registration, he or she is considered to be the User. If the User loses registration data, or if the User suspects that a third party may have obtained his registration, the User should immediately inform the Internet Store thereof by means of the means of communication listed in the Internet Store section – Contacts.

3.4. By accepting these Terms of Use, the user agrees that the specified e-mail will send the messages needed to provide the order, payment, and delivery information.

3.5. An Internet store guarantees user data will only be used for goods purchase and direct marketing purposes.

3.6. The Internet Store commits not to divulge the User’s personal data to third parties, except the Internet Store to partners that provide the delivery of goods to the User, or to provide other services related to the execution of orders.

3.7. At the time of delivery of the goods, the consignee may be requested to produce a personal identification document in order to identify the identity of the person.

Purposes and legal bases of personal data processing

SIA “Orto Partneri” processes the Client’s personal data based on the following legal bases:
– for the conclusion and execution of the remote contract, in order to conclude the contract upon the Visitor’s application/order and ensure its execution;
– for the execution of regulatory acts, in order to fulfill the obligation specified in the binding external regulatory acts of SIA Orto Partneri;
– in accordance with the consent of the Visitor;
– in legitimate interests, in order to realize the legitimate interests of APOTHEKA arising from the obligations existing between SIA Orto Partneri and the Visitor or the concluded contract or the law.
The legitimate interests of SIA Orto Partneri are:
– perform commercial activities;
– provide electronic purchase services for goods;
– to ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations;
– analyze the operation of SIA Orto Partneri homepages, websites and mobile applications, develop and implement their improvements;
– administer the homepage of SIA Orto Partneri;
– perform actions to interest and attract Visitors;
– segment the Visitor database for more efficient provision of its services;
– develop, promote your goods and services;
– to ensure and improve service quality, delivery efficiency;
– administer payments;
– apply to state administration and operational institutions and to the court for the protection of your legal interests.

Entering into a purchase-sale agreement

4.1. The item purchase agreement between the Internet Store and the User is considered to have been concluded from the time when the User has created a shopping basket and clicked “pay purchase”. The user is obliged to pay for the goods in accordance with the procedures and time limits provided for in the Terms of Use

4.2. Purchase agreements are registered and stored in the Internet Store database.

4.3. The Internet Store agrees to supply the goods purchased by the User to the address specified by the User on the basis of the conditions set out in paragraph 5 of the Terms of Use.

4.4. If the Internet Store fails to communicate with the User within 3 (three) working days of the order being ordered, the order is cancelled, the User receives the money only for the item, the delivery fee is not repaid.

4.5. In an emergency situation where, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Internet Store cannot provide the purchase of an item from an Internet store. The Internet store is pledging to offer a similar product. If the user does not agree, the Internet Store shall reimburse the money paid as soon as possible, but no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days.

Procedures for Price and Payment of Goods

5.1. Item prices in the Internet shop are listed in Euro, VAT is included in price.

5.2. The user pays for the goods in the following ways:

5.2.1. using bank-link services;

5.2.2. by bank transfer;

5.2.3. with a credit card;

Supply of goods

6.1. When selecting a delivery service, the user undertakes to specify the exact delivery address.

6.1.2. Supply of goods via DPD parcel shop For the purchase amount up to EUR 19.99 (EUR nineteen and 99 cents) delivery fee in Latvia – EUR 3.00 (EUR three and 00 cents). If the purchase amount amounts to at least EUR 20,00 (EUR twenty and 00 cents), the supply shall be free of charge. For the purchase amount up to EUR 39,99 with VAT (EUR nine and 99 cents), the delivery fee per Baltic State is EUR 5.50 (EUR five and fifty cents). Where the purchase amount amounts to at least EUR 40,00 with VAT (EUR forty and 00 cents), the supply shall be free of charge.

6.2. The Internet Store will do its best to ensure that ordered goods are delivered as soon as possible. Estimated delivery time 1-3 (one to three) working days.

6.3.. If the delivery of goods to the User is not possible because of User’s fault or due to User-dependent circumstances (The user has specified an incorrect address, the user is not present at the specified address, the specified address cannot be accessed, etc.), the goods are not re-shipped, the order is cancelled, the User receives the money for the item only, the delivery fee is not repaid.

6.4. Upon receipt of the goods, the User or his or her representative checks the conformity of the goods with the ordered and signs the invoice, packing slip or other passing/acceptance document. When signing an invoice, packing slip or other passing/acceptance document, the User or his representative shall certify that the goods have been placed in good condition. In all cases where the courier supplies the goods to the User, if the packaging of the item is crumpled, wet or otherwise damaged from the outside, the User must indicate in the acknowledgement of receipt of the consignment (a comment must be written) whether a separate act on such defects should be entered. The user must do this in the presence of the courier. The Internet store isn’t responsible for the product failures that were apparent at the time of delivery but weren’t specified in the merchandise delivery approval.

Quality of goods

7.1. The characteristics of all items sold by an Internet store are listed in the description of the item for each item.

7.2. An Internet shop applies to goods under the guarantee provided for in the relevant legislation.

Return of goods

8.1. If a user is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Protection Law (a natural person who buys a goods for a purpose that is not related to its economic activity), the User may exercise the right of withdrawal. Pursuant to the Cabinet Regulation No. 255, Regulations regarding Distance Contracts, the consumer has the right to return the item purchased by the Internet Shop to the Internet Store within 14 calendar days.

8.2. The user informs the Internet Store by notifying the return in writing (in e-mail) the return object and order number. When returning the item (s), the user may use the attached withdrawal form model to indicate the User’s bank account number. The user sends the goods to the Internet Store to the address: Stepiers Road 7, Marupe, LV-2167.

8.3. The return of goods shall be subject to the following conditions:

8.3.1. the returned item (s) must be in the original packaging;

8.3.2. the goods must not be damaged;

8.3.3. the goods have not been used, have not lost the appearance of trade (preserved labels, safety films, etc.) (this does not apply to products already damaged during delivery);

8.3.4. the goods to be returned must be in the same position as it was when the goods were received;

8.3.5. The Internet shop has the right to refuse to accept the goods back if the time limits for returning the goods were not met;

8.3.6. The user must bear the return costs;

8.3.7. the refund of cash for returned goods shall be made only with a bank transfer to the bank account indicated in the user return document.

8.4. The user shall be responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the product during the term of exercise of the right of withdrawal. The user is responsible for any reduction in the value of the item if the item is used in a way that is not connected https://tilde.com/strartmttrial