Curaprox dental floss DF 846 implant-saver


Gentle, innovative, effective implant care
Dental floss for direct implant care. The flexible microfibers allow a new, effective cleaning movement around the implant and along the gums. 1. Tighten. 2. Then relax. 3. Perfectly clean.

The implant rescuer takes care of particularly critical areas around the implants in a new, gentle and effective way. This elastic microfiber thread wrapped around the implant along the gum line can be easily tensioned and released again. As a result, a gentle yet effective cleaning movement is performed. The groove is cleaned and the implants last longer.

For easy implant care – gentle and effective. Thanks to the eyelets, the elastic microfiber thread is easy to place above the implant. Cleaning is just as simple: lightly tighten and release, that’s all. The result: the groove is cleaned and the implants last longer.

Developed for daily implant care
Eyelets at both ends
Extremely porous microfiber
For flexible, thorough cleaning
Practical, gentle and effective

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