Curaprox BE YOU toothpaste, 10ml


What is your taste?

A great choice has spoiled you? Diversity is the spice of life! Start the party in your bathroom with our famous [BE YOU.] Six-Taste Tasting Kit.

Beginner's set: toothpaste with six new and original flavors. Try them all! Taste, feel and decide which one suits you best! Your day. Your mood.

Blue- blueberry, yellow- grapefruit, orange- peach, pink- melon, red- gin and tonic, green- apple

What do these toothpastes have in common? Natural ingredients and herbal essences combined in new flavor combinations for oral health; the result - whiter teeth thanks to menthol beads. What is different about these toothpastes? Only taste and color. You will definitely enjoy any of these bold, original flavors. Or maybe even everyone ... You are decisive. Your ritual, your feeling, your choice.

Formula - freshness, herbs, oral health

Fluoride is mandatory. Hydroxyapatite and glucose oxidase together with natural ingredients provide a gentle, enzymatic whitening effect. And xylitol - birch sugar - a sweet taste that simultaneously strengthens teeth and fights bacteria. Echinacea, bitter orange, devil's claw and gothic cola extracts maintain a healthy mouth and stop inflammation. Provitamin B5 supports the formation of new cells. Also contains microbeads with a high dose of menthol. Does not contain SLS, triclosan, microplastics. RDA ~ 50. "

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Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow