Curaprox [BE YOU.] Toothpaste set + CS 5460 toothbrush, 6x10ml


Curaprox [BE YOU.] Toothpaste, (6×10 ml + ultra soft toothbrush). Toothpaste with a gentle and natural double whitening effect, especially refreshing with menthol beads.

Curaprox Be You Rising Star Grapefruit & Bergamot 10ml
Curaprox Be You Pure Happinnes Peach & Apricot 10ml
Curaprox Be You Candy Lover Watermelon 10ml
Curaprox Be You Challenger Gin Tonik & Lotus 10ml
Curaprox Be You Day Dreamer Blackberry & Liquorice 10ml
Curaprox Be You Explorer Apple & Aloe 10ml

Without abrasive particles, without bleaches.

Does not contain SLS and triclosan. .15000 PPM Hydroxyapatite (Nano) .Fluorides: 950ppm.RDA 50.

CURADEN AG, Switzerland

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