CS 5460 Hawaii Special Edition Duo, blue and yellow



"Smile - as beautiful as a chain of flowers around your neck, as shining as a new day has just begun! Nature is calling, the heart is beating faster. Brushing your teeth before surfing? Of course! True happiness, true passion. Aloha! Special edition

A striking bathroom accessory available in a double pack. The design has been developed in collaboration with local, international, recognized and emerging artists. They were all a little surprised to learn the need to design a toothbrush. Really? But now they all use the CS 5460 toothbrush! Available in blister packs.

The worst enemy of plaque is the softness of CUREN® bristles: CS toothbrushes are incredibly soft. CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrushes 5460 CUREN® threads form an unusually dense and effective cleaning surface. Although they are gentle on the gums and teeth, CUREN® threads are particularly intolerant of plaque. Anyone who tries a CS toothbrush will never want to do without this toothbrush again. CURAPROX toothbrushes not only prevent damage that can occur when brushing teeth, but also perfectly break and remove plaque. CUREN® threads are stronger than nylon and retain their shape both in the mouth and when dry. These properties allow the production of toothbrushes with a large number of extremely fine bristles.
  • Gentle operation thanks to CUREN® bristles
  • Efficient cleaning surface thanks to the dense range of CUREN® bristles
  • Dental plaque is unavoidable – it is provided by a compact, slightly concave toothbrush head, which also accesses hard-to-reach places.
  • The octagonal handle helps to clean your teeth at the right angle
  • Made in Switzerland

Curaprox toothbrushes not only protect you from tooth damage during cleaning, but also optimally split and remove plaque. CUREN® bristles are firmer than nylon and remain as firm in the mouth as when dry. These qualities allow the production of toothbrushes with a very large number of extra fine bristles. “A smile – as bright as these flowers around your neck, as big as this day that rises dusky blue. The swell calls, your heart beats. Brushing your teeth before surfing ? Pure happiness, pure passion.Yes, aloha!

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